Day 21

One of Those Days


Yeah I’m having one of those. Stayed up late, woke up early,  got caught in the morning snow storm– THANKS MOTHER NATURE!!! made it back late for work, and now I’m left with a crook in my neck that makes me hate the world. Still, a challenge is a challenge. I didn’t even bother to try cleaning this sketch up, because the roughness is a reflection of how I feel today >_<.

My poor dog– I just gave up drawing her right. Sorry baby ;_; Momma luvs you.  Little tidbit about my dog- She thinks she owns half my chair and usually shoves her face between my side and my arm when I’m drawing. Only seemed fair to draw her with me.

On a side note, I do have some good sketch ideas in the roster. I work a lot, so during the week my sketches become a lot more simple. The good stuff is soon to come! But for now, Enjoy these scribbles!