Day 20

The Push



I’ve often been asked, if I could have any superpower, what would it be? This  isn’t a question I’ve ever had to think hard on, because I always wished I could fly. I’m not talking about in an airplane, but like Jean Grey from XMEN or Superman!  But of course, i can’t fly, at least not in that way…

When I was a kid, I used to love swinging on the swing set, me and my best friend.  We’d walk for what seemed like forever to the nearest park to catch some wind! Sure the walk was annoying and pushing off was always hard– but after gaining momentum, I was ready to take off! I used my legs to propel me forward, in and out, until I was flying as high as the swing would let me…and then I’d throw my head back, and watch the sky.  I’d feel weightless– as if the swing I was holding onto had disappeared, and it was just me, flying as high and as free as the birds. But I knew the descent was coming — that within a few seconds, gravity would pull me back.  Still, for all the effort it was worth it. Unfortunately I don’t have a swing set to swing on anymore, but I’ve found new ways to take flight. Drawing is one of them.

That aside though, no matter what your goals are in life; like being on the swing, it takes hard work to push yourself off the ground. Part of that process is learning how to use what you have to propel you forward, to build momentum in the hopes that some day you’ll fly.

Personally, I’m still pushing, and even though I’m not flying yet, I’m rewarded in knowing  that I’m not pushing alone, because I know that my friends and family, followers and watchers, are right there behind me. Thank you everyone for your support!

I’m sure I’m not the only one on the swing set though. Like me, many of you who read this, are pushing too, in hopes of reaching new heights of your own…and like me, you’re not alone.  I wrote all this to say– keep doing what you’re doing! Keep pushing, and take a moment to thank those who got your back!

Special thanks to ThatChickPiggy and Bennakim for having mine and for supporting me in your blogs 🙂