Day 15

Paying it Forward

Some of you may know that I’ve been taking the blogging 101 course. While reading up on yesterdays assignment, fellow blogger Dancing Echoes talked about paying it forward. Upon searching through a few more blog posts, I stumbled upon Ms. Kemani’s article titled “The Return”.

Kemani’s post struck me, in that it talked about having a new mindset, by learning to appreciate and accept what you’re blessed with, and being positive with an open mind to the world around you. I’m very excited for her, so I decided to do what Ms. Dancing Echoes mentioned, by paying it forward and dedicating today’s post and today’s sketch to Ms. Kemani. It’s titled “Acceptance”

When I asked Kemani what was it that sparked her change, she answered that she learned to accept herself, flaws and all. The challenge was– how do I draw acceptance? It isn’t easy! I spent a lot of time thinking of how I could bring that one word to life, and after much thought, I imagined how we see ourselves (reflection), and our youth– How when we’re young, in my opinion, it’s easier to love ourselves in most cases because we hadn’t learn what to dislike about ourselves, so it’s easier to be embrace who we are. So tying in with Kimani’s post, it’s about  The Return– to how we were in our youth, more loving, more accepting of ourselves.

Thank you Kimani for your inspiring post, and Dancing Echoe’s for your suggestion.  Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Day 15”

  1. Oh My God!! Drawing is so awesome!!!!! 😀
    Acceptance of your own self gets more harder with time. I can relate to that!! Every failure and set backs show you, your weaknesses, and you hate your self more. But the truth is you also see your strength, and your talent. So we should focus on that!! 🙂


  2. That’s beautiful. And something I need to remind myself to do more, accept what I am and what I’ve got to truly love all of myself.


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