DAY 14


This isn’t the most detailed of my sketches, that’s for sure, but maybe after reading this, you’ll get the point of it.

When I was younger, I remember being with my dad. He was driving, and I was staring out the window as everything passed by us. That’s when he said to me, “look at the sky, Bea. look at the trees. All of this is art– all of it is designed. do you know who designed it?”

“God designed it.” I said

He agreed, and told me that everywhere I look , I’ll find art– and that we have a gift, to be a part of something that is creative. I took this message to heart– Not specifically for the religious aspect of it, but because it made me see things from a different perspective. Someone had to design that street sign, someone had to design that building, that ad– the mechanisms that power our every day life– art is everywhere, in various styles and forms. Even the device you’re reading this on, is the work of someone’s design. And guess what? Many of these ideas, and innovations start with a simple sketch.

There are definitions for what sketches are, but instead of going with those, I’m going to describe the characteristics that make a sketch, for me.

Sketches don’t have to any reason behind them. You can approach the paper with a goal in mind, or you can can draw something as quick as a fleeting thought.

Sketches don’t have to be perfect. So many people get frustrated with drawing before they even touch the paper, because they’re too busy trying to think of how to make their sketch perfect, beautiful, appealing. You have to start just right or it’s off to the garbage with yee!

Sketching should be fun. Treat it like an entry in your diary. You can be personal with it because no one is watching, and you don’t have to share it, so it’s okay if it’s horrid! Laugh at your own mistakes, its cool! Have fun!

If you like what you sketched, treat it like a seed. Plant it, water it, and watch it grow into a finished piece.

This brings us to the real topic of today. I’ll be brief about it tho. A few years ago, I was thinking about what faith is and what it means to me, so I began to draw. I started with a woman, covered in white cloth, and blinded by a white veil, as she leaping in the air, as if to catch the dove flying above her. A few years later, recently, I was going through my old works and found that drawing and decided, why not go over it? I had learned a lot since then, so I could improve upon the original idea.
But there was a catch. I would treat the whole image, as if it were a sketch, and draw on it whatever came to mind that stuck. It did not make the image loud and busy, but instead the idea became more colorful and refined…and without the pressure of making it perfect, I was able to just enjoy it, and let the idea evolve organically.

If I remember correctly, I shared what I was doing with Justin, and he took it upon himself to do something similar. Every now and again he’d draw something, clouds, a tree, the moon– some of them were in different mediums or paper-cutouts or stencil paintings, but once he was finished with that piece, he’d add it to the to the first thing he drew. It was relaxing to him, because like me, he just let it evolve. The end result, is “Faith” and “Your Art Matters

Faith copy1

That being said, Id like to close with one more characteristic that makes a sketch for me.

A sketch is a living thing. It has a start as fine as a point, and a pulse that carries it through the course of its life. What’s left behind when the line goes flat is up to you  🙂