Day 13

**clears throat and puts on her best Documentary voice**

Narrated by non-oscar winner Bea Jackson, this post will venture into a place rarely explored by the outside world. Today we enter into the heart and mind of an artist!

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Okay, okay, so it’s not that epic >_<, but today’s post will be a deep one, in ways that I’m sure some people can relate.


Most every artist I’ve known and studied, has gone through a phase of self discovery. Some are fortunate enough to figure it out earlier on– but if you’re like me, self taught, self driven, but constantly influenced by your peers and their expectations for you, finding yourself through all the voices in your head, can be hard.

I wasn’t raised in a wealthy home, and I’m certainly not rich now, but because I do have a talent, a lot of people , mostly in my family, have a habit of betting on my success. “Draw this!” they say “Do more of this!” they say “Hurry up and become a millionaire!”

I love art, I love to draw, but when so many people are in your ear telling you what to draw, and who to be, as an artist, it has a way of stifling your own creative growth. I spent a lot of years studying other artists, trying to find where I fit in, or the quickest way to success, which at the time, I thought was, becoming wealthy like what people expected…and sadly it shows. If you checked out my DeviantArt gallery, and you go back to my earlier posts or in some of my folders, you’d think you were looking at the work of multiple people, but that was just me, trying to find my way.
It wasn’t until high school, that my first art teacher- Mr. Steven Mealy, who I am grateful for, to this day, told me how it really is to be an artist. He taught me, that this is a hard industry to make money in. But if you play your cards right, work hard, and from the heart, then there’s a chance you can make a living off doing what you love.
That year I made a choice– not to take up a career based on how much money it could guarantee in the future, but to take a chance on doing what I love, even if the yield isn’t great. This takes me back to a conversation I had with a close friend of mine, and at the end of that discussion, one thing was clear.

By Justin Perkins
By Justin Perkins

It is my belief, that being successful, at whatever you do, is not determined by the dollar amount you make, but instead by how fulfilled you are in what you do, and by feeling or knowing that what you do matters. Art, after all is about self expression, whether you sing, dance, draw, you name it. So be who you are, write what you want, draw what you want, be as creative as you yearn to be, and have fun in discovering that side of you.
On a side note, Since today’s post was pretty long, tomorrow will be all about the throwback which is sort of a collaboration I did with Justin’s “Your Art Matters” piece. Hope to see you there!