Day 11

Another late night! Mostly because I spent most of my day doing some much needed lounging around. But, here we are!

While I was working out some sketches for other projects and doing my research I kept looking up samurais, so I figured, why not draw an old classic– Samurai Jack, for today’s sketch.


And for my throwback tonight, I included a sketch a did some time ago, while working out the designs for one of the bundles released on GaiaOnline. They’re ninja’s, so it kinda compliments the theme of today!ninja2

I was trying something new– by blocking shapes and taking my brush against them like a stencil. Was pretty fun!


6 Replies to “Day 11”

      1. I actually draw mine on paper and then vectorize it. I’m just starting off so I don’t have a tablet yet. 😦


      2. Oh it’s fine, I know you wern’t spamming 🙂 I work in a simular way, paper first, then scan and draw over my roughs. Either way, what you’re doing works, Your work is very cute and it gets the message across quite well. I hope you get a tablet soon too!


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