Day 9

This post is later than I wanted, most of my day was spent out running around doing errands, but here it is– Day 9! The good thing about doing the 30 days of sketching is, after the first couple of days, the ideas start to flow, so I’ve started writing them down.
On the other hand tho, doing a drawing each day, can be taxing. especially when you’re like me, and you work a day job, you work for a publisher doing books and covers, and your a contracted artist for Gaiaonline >_< So technically I have three jobs that utterly consume my time. As much as I want to make each sketch better than the last, there will be some days, going forward where my sketches are..simple, esp over the next week or so since I have to do a lot of brainstorming, and sketching and planning for my clients in addition to completing a few commissions.
But as a bonus, to make my daily sketch posts more interesting, I’ve decided to add in a new feature– Throwback sketches
These are old sketches, some of them years old, some of them are personal, some I shared and some I haven’t.
What better place to start, than to combine the old with the new? Today’s sketch is a redrawing of an older sketch,


which happens to be today’s throwback!

Water Spirit

This timid little water spirit was one of my earliest digital paint studies with a tablet, back when I was still learning to use Photoshop. I’ve posted this image on DA, and decided I’d draw her again. Wanted to do her in color, but, this will do. Enjoy!