Day 4

Because a large part of my days and nights are spent working , some of my sketches, by default are going to be from commissions.

A while ago, one of my bestest friends, who I shall refer to as Zygona, gave me one of those blank comic books that you can draw your own cover onto, and by request I’m drawing Venom on the cover.  If you’ve seen my gallery, it should be obvious I’m not used to drawing big muscly men! So this one is definitely a challenge.

This sketch, like the others is digital. Truth be told I start most my sketches with pencil and paper as thumbnails, and then transfer it to my computer where line out everything in detail and make fixes. (Mostly because I don’t have a proper drawing area — a tilted table, all that good stuff). Anywho, I figured since I only have one of those books, and Zygona spent quite a bit on it, I better figure out what imma draw on the computer to avoid ruining the cover with scribbles >_<. So tada– my first attempt at a muscle bound he-male creature, alien!